1 & 2 Weeks Pregnant: What You Really Need to Know

Published in Stages of Pregnancy Videos on 18th November 2016

The 1st and Second week of pregnancy is very exciting moment for every women. You are practically not expecting or just obtaining pregnant. To understand even more information visit this web link –

If you want to experiences a much healthier, happier and also lovely pregnancy week.

From fertilization to birth, take a special look on fetal growth throughout the 9 months of pregnancy. Discover how your baby grows as well as what occurs to your body throughout the whole maternity week.

Video clip Transcription:

In the starting you won’t also recognize you’re expectant.

– 1st as well as Second week notes the process of fertilizing.
– Among your eggs appears from its roots as well as is swept away from your ovary and into a Fallopian tube.
– During the following 12 to 24 hours, that egg will certainly be fertilized if one of the 250 million sperm your friend has an orgasm handles to swim completely from your vaginal area via your cervix, up into your uterus to the Fallopian tube, as well as permeate the egg.
– The sperm move on by wiggling their tails with the hazardous barrier track, the acidity in the vagina, the cervix, as well as the uterus. The barriers claim lots of lives. The slow-moving and weak surrender.
– Now there are only about 100 sperm left completing for the ovum, but just one will make it via the ovum’s safety layer
– When a single sperm has penetrated, the cell membrane layer of the egg changes its electric characteristics as well as does not enable various other sperms to go into.
– For the winning sperm, it is the beginning. It loses its unnecessary tail and tons, as well as is complimentary.
– The dad’s hereditary product merges with the mother’s. A new as well as one-of-a-kind cell is created: the fertilized ovum
– The fed egg will certainly take a trip from the Fallopian tube to the womb and begin creating unborn child.

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  1. does the first week count as haveing intercourse or the week after that is
    the first week?

  2. my period date is on tomorrow cn I wait or else go to my doctor today only

  3. can you get pregnant on your period??

  4. hi!please help me… i want to known i’m pregnant or not, because i fell
    i’m pregnant because i no want to eat food, ,i get smell that’s why i think
    i’m pregnant, ,,but problem is .my period date still not come ,that’s why
    help me how can i know i ‘m pregnant or not

  5. How many days after the implantation spotting can you test?

  6. My step-mom is pregnant so that’s why I’m here :)

  7. Me partner &i has been intimate of last month and the date is 18th
    september,after 1 day, i got my period and it was regular as like normal
    menstrual circle ,it was remained 7 days.but now i,am so worry about
    it……it,s a possibility of pregnancy?plz inform me when should I take a
    pregnancy test?

  8. so say if I had unprotected sex today but haven’t had a period yet how long
    should I wait before I actually check?

  9. i am already a week late but all my tests are coming out negative
    but i am definitely feeling some changes and pregnancy signs idk what to do

  10. i lost my period for 1 day and i got pregnancy test and im positive im
    feeling stomach itching and my heartbeating me so hard is that normal
    and plz answer me i was have ectopic july 2016 so im.afriad

  11. i lost my period for 1 day and i got pregnancy test and im positive im
    feeling stomach itching and my heartbeating me so hard is that normal
    and plz answer me i was have ectopic july 2016 so im.afriad

  12. I haven’t had my period since September 20 or 25 now it’s October 26 and
    still haven’t gotten it

  13. my period date was 20 oct but i missed my periods and i did pregnancy test
    it is positive but my heartbeat is very high .is it normal in first

  14. can you still get pregnant if you had sex 2 days after your period plz
    answer me

  15. i have a question if my bf smoked medical marijuana and he ejaculated in me
    is there a chance i can still be pregnant Because i still havent had my
    period. and i heard it makes your sperm count low

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