How Childless Americans Are Becoming The Nation’s Most Powerful Interest Group Without Even Meaning To

Published in Odd and Fun on 16th July 2017
How Childless Americans Are Becoming The Nation’s Most Powerful Interest Group Without Even Meaning To

Now that the LGBT folks can get hitched, I think its nigh hour we turned our attention towards the one historically marginalized subgroup in America thats still getting screwed over left and right and openly discriminated against in the workplace- unmarried Americans without children.

I dont suppose Americans without spouses and/ or children truly grasp just how biased the organizations of the system is against them. Just take into consideration all of the following:

Non-married couples arent eligible for the same company-provided health insurance schemes afforded to marriage employees. And if you are on a health insurance scheme as a single person, you tend to be priced higher premiums than married individuals– a perplexing insurance oddity that holds equally true when it comes to car insurance, for some inexplicable reason. Many banks and lenders in the U.S. will merely permit married couples to open joint-checking and savings account, and the financial safeguards for non-married people in told joint agreements are much less expansive than those for married people. If you have children, you- not just your kids– are often eligible for Medicaid services that those without children are legally forbidden from receiving based simply on the fact that youve sired or birthed at least one other human being. It may be hard to believe, but many landlords wont rent to unmarried people and mortgage brokers are notorious for offering more generous loans to married couple than singles and the unmarried. Oh, and for the record: the federal Fair Housing Act explicitly says renters CANT discriminate against wedded people, but doesnt afford any protections whatsoever for those who are unmarried. Thats to say nothing of the profound biases shown against unwed non-breeders at the office. When layoffs roll around, of course employers are going to target single employees first after all, it would be just plain mean to fire somebody with a spouse or children. That is, if they dont use your childlessness and/ or spouselessness as a reason to eliminate you from the hiring pool to begin with.

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