Stages Of A Pregnancy

Published in Stages of Pregnancy Videos on 18th November 2016

Stages of a pregnancy.

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  1. Created by: Man and woman. Created by Natural Selection Proven by Science 

  2. @thedudsonette he is a happy 1 year old =) (14months) he is kicking my
    computer while i type this =)

  3. @thedudsonette he is amazing yep =) 

  4. Today I’m exactly one month until my son’s due date! I can’t wait until I
    become a first-time mommy and get to hold my baby boy in my arms!!!!! :)

  5. not created by god created by parents hate how he gets all the credit 

  6. I’m due in december!! Can’t wait for my beautiful baby girl. I’m naming her
    Rose. <3

  7. @XxXMissPeppermintXxX HEY Congratulations!!! i hope for the best and wish
    you good luck! BTW Rose is a great name. 

  8. i have just found out i am pregnant . . i am 5-6 weeks . . . . and watching
    this really makes you think what we can create . . its amazing . . . . 

  9. pregnancy is beautiful cherish every moment some are not as
    fortunate….bless you all 

  10. @trekkicat Your life is over…no longer have a normal body or sex life?
    Really? LOL! That’s funny. Untrue, but funny. 😀 If you feel that way, then
    at this point, I don’t guess pregnancy is for you. You may change your mind
    at some point, but only YOU should be the one to change it. :-)

  11. @josie4133 yeah i know how you feel same here

  12. Country music on a pregnancy video. lmfao.

  13. So I finally found God’s secret YouTube channel…Who would’ve thought?

  14. I admire your creativity and praise God all the more.

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