Stages of Pregnancy

Published in Stages of Pregnancy Videos on 18th November 2016

my HDFS job

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  1. The miracle of human life never seceses to amazing me. My baby girl is 10
    weeks preganant with my first grandchild. I am more excited about becomeing
    a grandma that I was becomeing a mother. Thanks for this video.

  2. How can you find out if you’re having a boy or girl ? Inbox me if you
    know.. I’m expecting and hoping a boy, but I’d like to know for sure. 

  3. @saamieebaby U cant, u do a ultra sound wear they check the private area if
    a vagina girl if its a penis a boy

  4. I think you done well 🙂 I give birth in 6 weeks xD

  5. i am 4 months i dont know what im having yet but either sex ill be happy i
    just want a healthy baby my honey wants a boy tho 🙂 cant wait until i find
    out my baby’s sex

  6. @mjglncj After trying for years I finally got pregnant with my first baby
    boy. Using some advice on fertility made the difference. Watch this video
    if you want kids =>

  7. i have 4 kids! twin boys(9 years) and twin girls(4 years). and me and my
    husband and i want another! (intercourse tonight!) 

  8. Grr., Im having twins, im 8 months tomrow 

  9. i saw my baby at 8 weeks ^_^ i’m 13 weeks now. great videos :)

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