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For reproductive rights campaigners 2017 felt like the soothe before the blizzard

Published in Odd and Fun on 16th January 2018

The Trump administration has chipped away at women access to contraception and other health services but an all-out assault may just be a question of time The year 2017 was supposed to be when reproductive health battles simmering in the states simmered over into national policy. Not only did Republican retain control of Congress in […]

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Texas rule necessitating burial or cremation of fetal tissue shames women, suit says

Published in Odd and Fun on 14th January 2018

Lawsuit filed by Texas womens rights group attempts to block a new rule it says is a political ploy to stimagise abortions A women rights group has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to block a new Texas regulation that requires fetal remains to be cremated or buried. Accusing the nation of a politically motivated […]

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Liberal elite, it’s is high time to strike a deal with the working-class | Joan C Williams

Published in Odd and Fun on 12th January 2018

Coalition need compromise. But its alliances that win, writes Joan C Williams, the author of White Running Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness in America Abortion rights are central to my identity. As an ambitious teen, I wanted to have both a crucial career and a vibrant intellectual life, and I felt that having a newborn at […]

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Droning delivers abortion pills to Northern Irish females

Published in Odd and Fun on 9th January 2018

Police monitored stunt by pro-choice activists, who flew aircraft from Republic of Ireland, but took no action Pro-choice activists have delivered abortion pill to women in Northern Ireland using a drone. The stunt aimed to highlight the strict statutes around terminations on both sides of the Irish border. Courtney Robinson, 18, from Belfast, who took […]

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Abortion advocates ‘on a high’ with a long road ahead after supreme court win

Published in Odd and Fun on 8th January 2018

After Mondays victory, providers face the complex undertaking of re-opening clinics, which may take years, and of the preparations for future battles with Texas legislature Abortion providers and advocates met uneasily around a computer screen in Austin on Monday morning, waiting for news from the supreme court. When the ruling came through and handed a […]

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Tennessee woman jailed for attempting abortion accepts plea deal for release

Published in Odd and Fun on 4th January 2018

Anna Yocca freed after initially facing a possible life sentence, but proponents dread her occurrence is a validation of arresting pregnant mothers who attempt abortion A Tennessee woman arrested in late 2015 for using an unravelled coat hanger to attempt her own abortion was released from jail on Monday in exchange for a guilty plea […]

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Should you ‘come out’ about your abortion?

Published in Odd and Fun on 29th December 2017

Speaking openly about abortion can dispel myths and change minds. But in the current climate, its hard to blame women who dont Abortion is one of the most safe and common medical procedures performed in the United States. One out of three American girls will end a pregnancy before age 45, and a woman is […]

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Girls Are Telling The Supreme Court How Abortions Improved Their Lives

Published in Odd and Fun on 22nd December 2017

Elizabeth Driehaus was 31 and in a PhD program in computer science when she had casual sex on a trip to Europe that left her pregnant. Not was intended to drop out of grad school, Driehausgot an abortion. She went on to work as a computer analyst and professor before retiring in 2008. As is […]

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Abortion ban linked to dangerous miscarriages at Catholic hospital, report claims

Published in Odd and Fun on 10th December 2017

Exclusive: Five women suffered prolonged miscarriages, severe infections and emotional trauma at Mercy Health Partner when staff neglected patients health to uphold religious directives against inducing delivery, report reveals The woman inside the ambulance was miscarrying. That was clear from the foul-smelling liquid leaving her body. As the vehicle wailed toward the hospital, a doctor […]

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Baby simulators not effective in preventing pregnancy, analyse says

Published in Odd and Fun on 9th December 2017

( CNN) Baby simulator programs, designed to teach teenage girls how difficult it is to take care of a baby and deter them from getting pregnant, may actually backfire. Girls who went through such programs were more likely to become pregnant or have an abortion, according to a study published in the periodical Lancet.

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