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Canada urged to quell discrimination against women after fall in UN ranking

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th July 2017

The country fell from first to 25 th in the United Nations gender equality ranking, inspiring a call for action from 14 non-profit organizations Activists have called on Canadian leaders to introduce concrete policies to confront discrimination against women and girls after the country fell from first to 25 th in the United Nations gender […]

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Trump’s Mexico bashing may backfire if peso plunge forces-out poor migrants north

Published in Odd and Fun on 6th July 2017

In Mexico it is known as el efecto Trump : a bombardment of tauntings and tweets that rattle the economy and hammer the peso. For the president, it is part of a strategy to pressure companies to move tasks back to the United States. Mexicos job will be to suck it up, accept the millions […]

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Gay couple in oppose to bring ‘triplings’ home to New Zealand

Published in Odd and Fun on 5th July 2017

Friends of the couple put up crowd-funding page to help pay for hospital fees and travel to obtain passports so they can leave Mexico Friends of a lesbian couple from Auckland are raising money to help them bring triplings home from Mexico to New Zealand. Triplings are three newborns born from the sperm of one […]

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Spain apprehends man known as ‘The Nurse’ for forced abortions on Colombia rebels

Published in Odd and Fun on 5th July 2017

A former fighter with the Farc guerrilla group is accused of carrying out more than 500 forced abortions on female members of the group Spanish police have arrested a man accused of performing more than 500 forced abortions on women fighters belonging to Colombias rebel guerrillas. The human, known as The Nurse and described by […]

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WHO holds emergency meeting to advise on response to Zika virus

Published in Odd and Fun on 3rd July 2017

UN health body to decide whether outbreak is global emergency demanding immediate international action An emergency World Health Organisation committee will satisfy on Monday to advise on the international response to the Zika virus, as the number of infected people continues to soar. The committee will decide whether to designate the mosquito-borne virus which has […]

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Zika threat to newborns may be greater than guessed after virus may be in stillborn girl

Published in Odd and Fun on 30th June 2017

Epidemiologist warns that virus may affect not only the eyes and central nervous systems of foetuses, but may also cause swelling and demise in the womb Doctors fear that the Zika virus may pose a greater threat to unborn babies than previously known, after exams on a stillborn daughter in Brazil had reaffirmed that she […]

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Archaeologists find ancient tomb in Peru hinting at human sacrifice

Published in Odd and Fun on 23rd June 2017

Researchers at the northern coastal site of Chotuna-Chornancap a seat of power for three cultures are studying remains, including 2 footless children Archaeologists in Peru help find more than a dozen tombs suggesting human sacrifice at sprawling wreckings on the northern coast, a seat of power for three ancient cultures and the possible centre of […]

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Heartbreak and hardship for women in Brazil as Zika crisis casts deep shadow | Sarah Boseley

Published in Odd and Fun on 14th June 2017

When her son was bear with microcephaly linked to the Zika virus, Aline became the most recent mother thrust into an interminable cycle of care and rehabilitation Aline Ferreiras son wears a blue and white babygrow. Over her shoulder, she carries a cloth to wipe his mouth. She smiles merrily, but anyone can see there […]

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What will happen in 2016?

Published in Odd and Fun on 1st June 2017

Space explorers, genetic scientists, US voters, terrorists and hackers appear set to predominate our world next year but dont rule in the odd pleasant surprise Never attain predictions, especially about the future. So said Mark Twain, Yogi Berra or Niels Bohr or maybe all three. But if you must, there are really merely two options: […]

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Human trafficking survivor: I was raped 43,200 hours

Published in Odd and Fun on 29th May 2017

Mexico City( CNN) Karla Jacinto is sitting in a serene garden. She looks at the ordinary sights of blooms and can hear people beyond the garden walls, strolling and talking in Mexico City. She looks straight-out into my eyes, her voice cracking slightly, as she tells me the number she wants me to remember — […]

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