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I’m treating pregnant women with Zika and this is what it’s like | Christine Curry

Published in Odd and Fun on 17th September 2017

Some females decide on termination. Others carry on, despite the risks. With so much about the virus still unknown, its a journey for both doctors and patients As a medical student, I recollect reading books about the early days of the HIV epidemic and wondering what it was like for physicians to take care of […]

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Utah resident is first Zika-related death in continental U.S.

Published in Odd and Fun on 11th September 2017

( CNN ) Utah health officials said Friday that the death of an elderly patient at the end of June was related to the Zika virus, the first Zika-related death in the continental United States. The unidentified resident of Salt Lake County had traveled to an undisclosed destination where the virus is circulate. To date, […]

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Zika epidemic has peaked and may run its course within 18 months, say experts

Published in Odd and Fun on 10th September 2017

Researchers have created a model of the virus, currently circulating in more than 35 countries in the Americas, to investigated how the outbreak will play out The Zika virus epidemic in Latin America is likely to run its course within the next 18 months, according to a study by researchers in the UK and US. […]

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‘Go smoke free. Stay fairly’- the health campaigns that haven’t heard of feminism

Published in Odd and Fun on 3rd September 2017

From superficial smoking campaigns to ads that attempt to construct breast cancer sexy, public health advice for women has got a long way to go… Hear that voice, all you women of a childbearing age? Its hour, running out. Soon your eggs will be past their prime and you will no longer be of any […]

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Zika virus could be linked with ‘whole spectrum’ of disorders

Published in Odd and Fun on 23rd August 2017

Study connecting virus with severe joint deformities results experts to say that Zika could be associated with range of problems A study by scientists in Brazil that indicates a possible link between the Zika virus and rare, but severe, joint deformities in newborns has led experts to warn that the virus could be linked to […]

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First U.S. Case Of Sexually Transmitted Zika In Texas

Published in Odd and Fun on 23rd August 2017

Dallas health officers announced Tuesday the first lawsuit of Zika virus had been identified in the United States and was sexually transmitted. The U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the infection, but have not yet corroborated the mode of transmission. An unnamed Dallas County patient contracted the virus after having sex with someone […]

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Brazilian analyse boosts theory that Zika causes birth defect

Published in Odd and Fun on 18th August 2017

Tests on two pregnant women suggest a link between the virus and microcephaly but concrete proof is still lacking Scientists in Brazil have saw the Zika virus in the amniotic fluid surrounding two newborns in the womb who were diagnosed with microcephaly, increasing the likelihood that the virus is a cause of the rare birth […]

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U.S. Athletes May Skip Olympics If Concerned About Zika Virus, Officials Say

Published in Odd and Fun on 17th August 2017

NEW YORK( Reuters) – The United States Olympic Committee told U.S. sports federations that athletes and staff concerned for their own health over the Zika virus should consider not going to the Rio 2016 Olympic Game in August. The message was delivered in a conference call involving USOC officials and leaders of U.S. sport federations […]

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Zika virus could be bigger global health threat than Ebola, say health experts

Published in Odd and Fun on 16th August 2017

Stark claim comes ahead of WHOs emergency meeting, with notional vaccine-testing on pregnant women a practical and ethical nightmare The Zika virus outbreak in Latin America could be a bigger threat to global health than the Ebola epidemic that killed more than 11,000 people in Africa. That is the stark assert of several senior health […]

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Who should avoid traveling because of Zika?

Published in Odd and Fun on 11th August 2017

( CNN) The U.S. is in the midst of spring breaking season, but a former top public health official is alerting a certain group of people to stay home from popular vacation hot spot. It’s men who hope to father small children in the near future, because Zika is spreading throughout destinations such as Mexico, […]

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